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The Most Advanced and Only Clinically Proven Software Platform for Cerebrovascular Disorders

Our Rapid® platform empowers clinicians to make faster, more accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions for stroke patients. Data-driven technology developed by stroke experts—validated and trusted.


More Than Two Million Scans by Thousands of Healthcare Professionals in over 60 Countries

With the Rapid neuroimaging platform, you can create high-quality images from non-contrast CT, CT angiography, CT perfusion, CBCT perfusion, and MRI diffusion and perfusion studies.

Our highly intuitive software provides an easy-to-read, real-time view of brain perfusion in detail never before possible, allowing your physicians to determine lesion volumes for a wide variety of different thresholds. CT angiography images indicate differences in vessel density between hemispheres. Hemorrhage detection and an automated ASPECTS score are generated from non-contrast CT scans.

To enhance clinical workflow, the RapidAI system allows you to establish user-defined settings to generate the initial image maps. Custom installation ensures that your system is properly configured to match your individual CT or MRI systems.

The result? Automated image processing and analysis enabling faster, more accurate clinical decision making. 

Physician Reviewing Scans

This is RapidAI

Visualize. Assess. Decide. See how the Rapid neuroimaging platform helps healthcare professionals make faster treatment decisions.


Reasons Why Physicians & Hospitals Prefer RapidAI

Clinical applications include both viewing and analysis capabilities for functional and dynamic imaging datasets acquired with non-contrast CT, CT Perfusion, CT angiography, and MRI including:

  • Dynamic analysis—helps visualize and analyze dynamic imaging data, showing contrast changes over time, and includes calculation of parameters related to blood flow and volume.
  • Diffusion Weighted MRI (DWI) Module—helps visualize local water diffusion properties from the analysis of diffusion-weighted MRI data.

Smart, fast, innovative features offer the advanced assessment and treatment of more patients than ever before and include:

  • Thresholded Tmax, CBF, CBV and MTT maps.
  • 3D CT angiography maps with relative vessel density.
  • Automated ASPECT score.
  • State-of-the-art image processing includes thresholding, brain masking, motion correction, time correction, time-intensity curve plots, arterial input function and venous output function.
  • Output includes integrated DICOM database for effortless data retrieval, storage and transfer. Processed output is compliant to DICOM standard and auto-pushed to PACS for immediate review.

The Rapid platform has the flexibility to work in all hospital environments.

  • Compatible with various scanners and PACS based on modality.
  • Works in any hospital environment, Acute Stroke Ready Hospitals, Primary Stroke Centers, and Comprehensive Stroke Centers.
  • For multi-site systems and referral networks, RapidAI is a great solution to quickly and easily share critical patient information when minutes matter most.
  • Reporting provides multi-site, comparative key performance indicators and reports to help customers improve audit capabilities, stroke workflow, and healthcare economics.

RapidAI is committed to upholding the most rigorous information security standards. To this end, we continually invest in people, processes and technology to protect our platform and data. The Rapid platform has been developed using the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework. It is also HIPAA compliant, GDPR compliant, ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 certified.

  • Encryption of ePHI data at rest and in transit
  • Software access control settings
  • Real-time feedback on utilization and system performance
  • Reporting to monitor and audit ePHI usage
  • Third party penetration testing
  • Built in de-identification patient data process
  • Global cloud storage localized to hospitals
  • Secure HIPAA and GDPR compliant messaging and calling on the Rapid Mobile App

Rapid U provides customers with the advanced training they need to be successful when using RapidAI products in their professional roles. The educational content and resources offered through Rapid U are tailored to suit the individual needs of each member of a stroke care team through a series of role-based learning paths. Each learning path, includes:

  • Self-paced online training to build confidence with RapidAI products; includes RapidAI certification
  • Virtual instructor-led training sessions from physicians and other clinical experts; general and site specific for case reviews
  • Performance-support content for Continuing Education (CE) credits, case studies, publications and quick reference guides

The Most Comprehensive Stroke Platform

Rapid ICH

Rapid ICH

The latest in artificial intelligence for fast, automated identification of suspected intracranial hemorrhage.



Automatically generates measurements to indicate early ischemic change on NCCT scans.


Rapid CTA & Rapid LVO

Fast Identification of Suspected LVOs and regions of asymmetry in blood vessel density.

Rapid CPT

Rapid CTP

Fast, automated assessment of patients who are likely to benefit from endovascular thrombectomy.

Rapid MRI

Rapid MRI

Automatically identifies brain areas with low ADC values and delayed contrast arrival.

Rapid Web App

Rapid Web App

Get notifications for new cases and access Rapid results using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on any desktop or laptop — saving you and your patients precious time.

Rapid Mobile App

Rapid Mobile App

Anytime, anywhere access to Rapid results plus the ability to communicate about patient care.

Install Rapid Software at Your Site Today

  • Fast and simple installation
  • Expertly customized to meet your sites’ needs 
  • Ongoing 24/7 remote support by experts 
  • Works within your hospital network perimeter with DICOM, and de-identified images (no PHI) can be sent to be viewed on any device



"Patients often arrive at the hospital several hours after stroke symptom onset. Rapid allows us to see the status of the brain upon arrival and to quickly identify patients who are eligible for clot removal, even as late as 24 hours after stroke onset. This increases the chances for recovery for our patients, reduces disability and saves lives."

Fabricio Oliveira Lima, MD, MPH, PhD
Director of the Stroke Unit Neurology Service, Hospital Geral de Fortaleza, Brazil

“This novel model for delivering acute stroke treatment is advancing stroke care in Houston and has the potential for broad impact across the nation. iSchemaView’s Rapid is an important tool to speed our ability to properly triage patients.”

James Grotta, MD
Director of Stroke Research, Clinical Institute for Research and Innovation, Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center; Director, Mobile Stroke Unit Consortium

“...This is an extremely valuable tool for our stroke team members and a huge asset for our patients.”

Richard Smith, MD
Medical Director, Stroke Program, St. Anthony Hospital and Medical Director, Neurosciences Service Line, Centura Health Mountains North Denver Organizational Group

“As a leader, you are always looking for ways to make work smarter, not harder for your staff. The communication challenge was continuously identified as THE barrier to making the intervention team more efficient. Being able to provide them with the Rapid app and watch them ‘fly’ has been very rewarding. In the end it is all about safe, fast and efficient work flows that provide our patients the best opportunity to recover. The app has been a great tool to make that happen.”

Lynn Hundley
Director Clinical Effectiveness - Stroke Care, Norton Healthcare