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Optimizing Frontline Assessment of Intracranial Hemorrhages

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Intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) accounts for 10-15% of stroke patients and is the leading complication of trauma. An early and accurate diagnosis of ICH is critical. Clinical teams on the front lines of patient assessment need to quickly identify a suspected hemorrhage and streamline decision-making for the best patient care and outcomes.

Please attend this live webinar presented by Dr. Jonathan D. Clemente, Head of the Department of Radiology at Carolinas Medical Center and Neuroradiologist at Charlotte Radiology, where he will discuss the clinical implications of intracranial hemorrhages in stroke and trauma patients.

Key Learnings

  • Review the signs and symptoms of ICH, diagnostic workup, and acute treatment
  • Understand how artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help quickly triage non-contrast CT cases and alert clinicians of possible intracranial hemorrhage
  • Learn how to facilitate faster triage decisions using RapidAI ICH
  • Q&A


Jonathan D. Clemente, MD

Jonathan D. Clemente, MD

Chief, Department of Radiology at Carolinas Medical Center; Neuroradiologist at Charlotte Radiology

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