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AngioFlow™ by RapidAI

Qualitative Perfusion Imaging for the Angiography Suite

AngioFlowTM by RapidAI enhances operational efficiency and financial value by reducing redundant imaging and potentially saving time in patient care. 


Perfusion imaging in the angio suite accelerates time to treatment—minimizing door-to-reperfusion times, and optimizing potential patient outcomes.

Re-imaging in the Angio Suite

Thrombectomy-enabled centers frequently re-image ischemic stroke transfer patients prior to intervention to ensure that the patient remains a candidate for intervention, adding an additional step in the time to treatment.

Timely Intervention

Some comprehensive stroke centers (CSC) bypass imaging in the emergency department (ED) and take all suspected large vessel occlusion (LVO) patients to the angio suite providing the ability to assess perfusion status in the angio suite prior to endovascular intervention.


Clear, easy-to-interpret CBCT perfusion maps

AngioFlowTM by RapidAI delivers detailed, color-coded results to identify brain regions with reduced cerebral blood flow and blood volume as well as delayed contrast arrival in the angiography procedure room.


The mismatch map provides a comparison between brain regions with substantial reductions in cerebral blood flow (CBF) in pink and regions with significant hypoperfusion in green as reflected by delays in contrast arrival times (Tmax delays).

CT Image Columns

This map offers a co-registered view of the CT scan with the CT perfusion maps. No thresholds are applied and no volumes are calculated on this map. It provides a comparison between CT findings and the perfusion images.

Tmax Hypoperfusion

This map shows the severity of the delays in contrast arrival times (Tmax), the volume of tissue with delays, and the Hypoperfusion Intensity Ratio (HIR) which is automatically calculated.


Qualitative CBCT perfusion imaging


AngioFlowTM by RapidAI allows for perfusion imaging in the angio suite enabling acute stroke workflows and shortening patient time to treatment.


In as few as two minutes from receipt of a scan, AngioFlowTM by RapidAI delivers detailed, easy-to-interpret, color-coded results to help physicians quickly identify tissue that is irreversibly injured and estimate tissue that is likely to progress to infarction without intervention.


Better assess successful reperfusion with perfusion imaging directly on the C-Arm.


“AngioFlow™ by RapidAI will allow physicians to assess the need for additional imaging immediately in the interventional suite. By avoiding unnecessary scans, stroke patients can receive the timely care that can be the difference between being able to walk out of a hospital to their homes versus being discharged to a skilled nursing facility.” 

Abhishek Singh, MD, DABPN, DUCNS
Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska