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Building a System-Wide Stroke Program with AI

Join us June 18 for a live webinar presented by Dr. Daniel Gibson.

Rapid Hero Stories

RapidHero Stories

At RapidAI®, we understand that technology is just one part of any successful patient outcome. From the person who picks up the phone to call 9-1-1, to the first responders, doctors and other healthcare professionals providing care, there are many heroes in each story. Here, we spotlight these incredible individuals who are saving and changing lives in our Rapid Hero Stories.

A Race Against Time

How a mother’s care team defied odds to deliver timely treatment despite ambulance strikes

Serving a Veteran on Veterans Day

How doctors at Stony Brook Medicine saved a Veteran’s life by using Rapid CTP to uncover what others may have overlooked

When Minutes Matter

At Leeds Teaching Hospitals in the UK, RapidAI is helping to remove time from a patient’s path to treatment.

When a Workflow Works

See how Rapid CTP and the Rapid mobile app were used at Norton Neuroscience Institute to quickly diagnose 2 family members only weeks apart.

Treating the Untreatable

Learn how Rapid CTP and a little bit of luck helped a distal vessel occlusion patient make a full recovery.

Stroke Strikes at Any Age

Learn how swift action, prehospital communication, and technology helped a young stroke survivor beat the odds.

Parallel Workflows

Learn how RapidAI technology is helping a regional stroke team run parallel workflows to save time and lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

Defying Odds

After protests and road closures delayed a stroke patient's transfer to the CSC by hours, the team at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital used RapidAI imaging to determine a course of treatment. 

Climbing to the Top

Learn how one healthcare team—equipped with RapidAI technology—was able to save a mountaineer's life in record-breaking time following a severe stroke.

Hope Where Once There Was None

Rapid CTP results showed “a potentially reversible stroke” even though his last known well time was more than 24 hours prior. 

NIHSS Score of 19 to Complete Recovery

At every turn, he had people and technology dedicated to saving his life. And they did. He made a complete recovery—no rehab, no deficits. 

Rapid CTP in Action

See how Rapid CTP—as well as her neighbor, physicians and even her dogs!—helped Maureen Hatcher go from a NIHSS score of 14 to 0 in three days. 

"A Dramatic Recovery"

Experience the story of a patient, who was taken door-to-puncture in 63 minutes and made what his doctor called “a dramatic recovery”—thanks to RapidAI.


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