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Clinical AI in Healthcare: Unlocking Value & Driving Innovation

Join us August 8 for a live webinar presented by Dr. Samir Kumar.

Why RapidAI for PE

Redefining PE care for better patient outcomes

Modernizing PE care management means driving clinical, operational and financial efficiency. The RapidAI solution for PE, a suite of products and services, enables care teams to reach this new level of efficiency by leveraging technology to accelerate decision making and streamline the PE patient workflow.

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The RapidAI solution for PE:


Accelerate Triage
& Diagnosis

Prioritize patients and reduce time to treatment with fast notification of suspected PE and RV/LV ratio


Coordinated Care

Align the right team members and communicate securely via mobile or web app anywhere anytime

Operational Efficiency

Make informed decisions with automatically generated reports and analytics – for a single site or across a hospital network

Improve Financial

Enhanced workflow is associated with reduced time to treatment and shorter length of stay, which can lead to better financial outcomes
FDA Cleared for
Rapid PE Triage & Notification
Triage & Notification

Quickly identify the right patients

Fast detection of suspected PE cases is crucial in treating PE. Rapid PE Triage & Notification is an AI-based clinical decision support tool that automatically identifies and sends notifications of suspected central pulmonary embolisms (PE) on CTPA images - enabling teams to prioritize and accelerate time to treatment. 

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New: FDA Cleared for
Rapid RV / LV
Clinical Relevancy

Speed up triage time

Early detection of right heart strain saves lives. Rapid RV/LV uses artificial intelligence technology to process CTPAs and automatically calculates the RV/LV ratio, an indicator for right heart strain. The results are quickly delivered to the Rapid mobile and web app enabling physicians to reduce time to triage and to diagnose.

Workflow & communication

Modernize care coordination

Getting the right physicians and team members aligned quickly means less time repeating information and more time diagnosing and treating patients. Rapid Workflow for PE modernizes workflow for easier care coordination and more efficient team communication.  Physicians can preview CTPA images anywhere at any time via a mobile device, desktop or laptop.  HIPAA-compliant messaging allows team members stay up to date on new cases, images and patient status.

Reporting & Analytics

Optimize care operations

Analyzing and reporting on care management doesn’t have to be so time consuming. RapidAI Insights offers reporting to help standardize pulmonary embolism care processes and optimize operational efficiency. By combining operational, clinical and imaging performance data, RapidAI Insights delivers a deep understanding of patient care decisions, treatment effectiveness, and the value of Rapid platform usage—helping to reduce costs while improving patient outcomes.

Workflow Optimization

Maximize efficiency

Trimming minutes—and sometimes hours—off patient workflow benefits both the team and the patients. Work with our team of experts as a part of the Workflow Optimization program to update current workflow or develop a new customized PE solution to maximize efficiency and reduce time to treatment.

EMR Integration

Maintain data integrity

RapidAI EMR Integration enables clinical data to securely flow between the hospital EMR system and Rapid Workflow for PE. Seamlessly sharing the right data gives care teams improved decision support and confidence that clinical information is properly documented and communicated.


Hear how PERTs + AI help optimize PE care while improving patient outcomes