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iSchemaView's RAPID™ Integrates with Join, Allm’s Medical Communications Platform

RAPID’s Advanced Imaging Results, the Standard for Over 700 Stroke Centers, Now Also Available via Join’s Medical Communications App.

Menlo Park, Calif. — November 14, 2018 — iSchemaView, the worldwide leader in advanced imaging for stroke, today announced that the RAPID platform is now compatible with Join, a medical communication app developed by Allm, a multinational developer of mobile communications platforms for the healthcare industry.

The integration of RAPID imaging results into the Join platform allows for time-critical brain scans to be quickly and securely shared among the members of the acute stroke care team, to accelerate key diagnostic decision making for the patient and facilitate the care team’s communication.

RAPID is the de facto standard for the automated analysis of brain images used for the diagnosis and treatment of stroke, including CT angiography, CT perfusion, MR diffusion and perfusion and CT ASPECT scoring, which can now be easily accessed through the Join app. This integration enables another channel for streamlined connections with physicians, EMS and healthcare imaging communication systems such as PACS, allowing medical professionals to share clinical information broadly and quickly.

“As a long-term RAPID customer, we are thrilled with the accessibility of RAPID cases via the Join platform.” said Dr. James Conners, Associate Professor of Neurology, Rush University Medical Center. “Our personal user experience with the combined platform has been nothing less than positive. The integration allows for swift and seamless communication with the stroke care stakeholders from the ambulance to the angiosuite.” Developed by leading stroke experts, RAPID combines unmatched expert feature extraction and other proprietary machine learning algorithms to deliver the best-in-class platform that has quickly become the standard in three-quarters of U.S. comprehensive stroke centers.

“By integrating with Join, we are utilizing another critical mobile channel to bring RAPID’s unmatched imaging results to medical professionals around the globe,” said Anil Singhal, MD, iSchemaView SVP Worldwide Operations. “Together we are facilitating communication about critical patient information, in context, right from mobile devices. We are also excited to have Allm join our mission to successfully diagnose and treat more stroke patients than ever before.”

“Allm’s goal is to create next-generation mobile technologies and communications platforms for the healthcare industry that truly benefit medical professionals and improve patient care,” said Harry Reddy, President of Allm North America, and GM of Global Strategy Division of Allm Group. “Creating integration between our Join app and RAPID’s imaging helps advance Allm’s goal. We look forward to expanding RAPID’s reach and the integration with the Join app worldwide.”

"Diagnosis of acute stroke is a high pressure, time-sensitive situation,” said Dr. Marc Ribo of the University of Barcelona. “The combination of the RAPID and Join platforms is a powerful tool to enable our team to confidently get the stroke patient to the right clinical treatment in this life-threatening environment.”

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