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The Brain Aneurysm Foundation (BAF) Welcomes RapidAI’s Carolina Maier, PhD to Board of Directors

Maier brings decades of expertise in aneurysm research to the esteemed Board of Directors

Boston, MA and San Mateo, CA.— March 23, 2023 – The Brain Aneurysm Foundation (BAF), the leading global research and advocacy organization committed to improving treatment and care for brain aneurysms, today announced the addition of Carolina Maier, PhD, Vice President of Clinical Affairs at RapidAI, the global leader in using AI to combat vascular and neurovascular conditions, to the Board of Directors.

“We are beyond thrilled to add someone of Carolina’s caliber to our board of directors. Her expertise in neuroscience and research will add great value to our current and growing research funding initiatives in a more global capacity. Her passion for the cause is unrivaled,” said Christine Buckley, Executive Director & Board President of BAF.

The Brain Aneurysm Foundation is recognized as a global leader in brain aneurysm awareness, research, support, education, advocacy, and is the largest private funder of brain aneurysm research. Established in 1994 as a public charity, BAF’s mission is to advance research to improve patient outcomes, collaborate with medical communities to support networks for patients and families, and educate and raise awareness of the symptoms and risk factors of brain aneurysms to help prevent ruptures. Maier will join the Board of Directors to serve the brain aneurysm community in increasing medical experts’ and the general public’s understanding of the early warning signs of brain aneurysm – a disease that is often misdiagnosed.

“I am honored to join the Board of Directors of this wonderful organization that has done so much for those who have been or will be impacted by brain aneurysms,” said Maier. “Nearly 30,000 people each year suffer a ruptured brain aneurysm, often resulting in tragic outcomes. BAF’s decades of diligent work to educate the public and spread awareness about the critical nature of brain aneurysms is incredibly important and close to my heart.”

RapidAI is lead innovator for the next evolution of neurovascular clinical decision-making and patient workflow to better support physicians and patient outcomes. RapidAI’s aneurysm solution, Rapid Aneurysm, is an FDA-cleared imaging platform for cerebral aneurysm management that leverages AI to support physicians in saving time, improving patient care, and increasing patient volume by accelerating the process of finding, tracking, and proactively treating aneurysms. To date, RapidAI’s comprehensive platform, which also supports stroke and pulmonary embolism care, has been used to assess 8 million scans in more than 2,000 hospitals in over 100 countries. Maier has served as RapidAI’s Vice President of Clinical Affairs since 2018, leading the development and implementation of clinical protocols for the company’s AI technology to improve the detection, measurement, and management of life-threatening conditions, like brain aneurysm.

Prior to joining RapidAI, Maier worked with the Stanford University School of Medicine’s Department of Neurosurgery as a Senior Research Scientist for several years. Maier earned a doctorate degree in neuroscience from the Stanford University School of Medicine. To learn more about RapidAI and Rapid Aneurysm, please visit

To learn more about the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, please visit

About the Brain Aneurysm Foundation

Founded in Boston and now based in Hanover, Massachusetts, the Brain Aneurysm Foundation is the globally recognized leader in brain aneurysm awareness, education, support, advocacy and research funding. The foundation’s mission is to provide information about and raise awareness of the symptoms and risk factors of brain aneurysms to prevent ruptures and subsequent death and disability; work with medical communities to provide support networks for patients and families; and advance research to improve patients’ outcomes and save lives. Established in 1994, the foundation is led by Executive Director Christine Buckley and has a Medical Advisory Board that comprises more than 30 of the nation’s foremost aneurysm experts — neurologists, neurosurgeons, interventional neuroradiologists and other brain aneurysm specialists — from the country’s leading hospitals and universities.

About RapidAI

RapidAI is the global leader in using AI to combat life-threatening vascular and neurovascular conditions. Leading the next evolution of clinical decision-making and patient workflow, RapidAI is empowering physicians to make faster decisions for better patient outcomes. Based on intelligence gained from nearly 8 million scans in more than 2,000 hospitals in over 100 countries, the Rapid® platform transforms care coordination, offering care teams a level of patient visibility never before possible. RapidAI – where AI meets patient care.

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