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Building a System-Wide Stroke Program with AI

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RAPID Celebrates Record-Breaking Year in Stroke Care

Menlo Park, Calif. —January, 23 2020 –RAPID, the worldwide leader in advanced imaging for stroke, today announced record-breaking performance metrics for 2019. Newly released numbers reveal accelerating growth in the number of countries and hospitals where RAPID is available and in use, as well as over 100% growth in the number of scans processed. As RAPID brought AI enhanced stroke imaging to more of the world, the company also launched innovative new imaging products and supported critical new stroke research.

The RAPID artificial intelligence framework helps to quantify brain lesions and extends the window of potential stroke intervention from six hours after onset to up to 24 hours, for patients with salvageable brain tissue. RAPID provides physicians with fast, fully automated, and easy-to-interpret imaging that facilitates clinical decision-making around stroke.

In 2019, RAPID:

  • Expanded its worldwide footprint to 50 countries, including Vietnam, Israel and Mexico
  • Grew adoption to over 1,500 hospitals, including major networks and systems around the world
  • Processed over 650,000 stroke imaging scans
  • Continued to set the standard in research, surpassing 40 research studies, including a total of 15 multicenter, multinational stroke clinical trials

In addition to record-breaking availability, growth and usage, in 2019, RAPID also introduced:

  • RAPID ICH: a fully-automated system that uses the latest in artificial intelligence to quickly triage non-contrast CT (NCCT) cases and notify clinicians of possible intracranial hemorrhage (ICH). RAPID ICH can detect all types of brain hemorrhages with a sensitivity and specificity greater than 90%.
  • RAPID LVO detection and localization: a critical new feature within RAPID CTA that makes it the only advanced imaging product indicated for localization of a detected Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO). RAPID CTA can now detect LVOs with a sensitivity of 95% and specificity of 90%, and immediately notifies a stroke team when an LVO is detected.
  • RAPID CTP enhancements: advanced motion correction, AIF selection improvement and ventricle masking.  RAPID Mobile app enhancements: the leading mobile stroke imaging experience added HIPAA-compliant in-app messaging for more efficient care coordination across stroke teams and sites, real-time message notification as well as capture of clinical data to align stroke teams on key patient information.
  • RAPID U: a new learning system and certification program that sets the international standard for professional status as a RAPID imaging practitioner. Role-based learning modules empower multiple members of stroke care teams to quickly become proficient. RAPID U is a resource-rich learning platform enhanced with videos, case studies, and publications.

In 2019, RAPID also introduced innovations in AI-enhanced stroke imaging to enable Mobile Stroke Units (MSU) as well as expanded cloud and on-premise availability, to meet the needs of every hospital and stroke team.

“Last year we redoubled our efforts to bring the most advanced AI-enhanced stroke imaging platform to every part of the world, and through innovation and a dedication to our mission, we beat even our most aggressive estimates,” said Don Listwin, CEO of RAPID. “Aside from records in usage and availability, we were able to launch RAPID 5.0, RAPID ICH and RAPID U. 2019 was a gratifying year. We now again commit ourselves to making the best even better, and helping improve stroke outcomes everywhere.”

Developed by leading stroke experts, RAPID technology has been selected for use in several ground-breaking trials that have changed treatment guidelines issued by both the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. The RAPID artificial intelligence framework combines deep learning, machine learning and expert feature extraction. It is the only clinically validated imaging solution for stroke diagnostic support worldwide.

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