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Building a System-Wide Stroke Program with AI

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RAPID Platform Expands to Address Hemorrhagic Stroke

AI-powered RAPID ICH Advanced Imaging Quickly Notifies Clinicians of Possible Intracranial Hemorrhage

San Francisco, Calif. – October 21, 2019 – iSchemaView, the worldwide leader in advanced imaging for stroke, today launched the newest addition to the RAPID platform, RAPID ICH1 at the 2019 Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) Annual Meeting. This fully-automated system uses the latest in artificial intelligence to quickly triage non-contrast CT (NCCT) cases and notify clinicians of possible intracranial hemorrhage (ICH). RAPID ICH will enable hospitals and mobile stroke units on the front lines of stroke patient assessment to better streamline treatment decision making. For a demonstration, visit RAPID at CNS Booth #229.

RAPID ICH can detect all types of brain hemorrhages with a sensitivity and specificity greater than 90%. This innovative technology was developed and validated using over a thousand CT scans from stroke centers worldwide. This new RAPID module automatically processes images from a scanner and assesses them for hemorrhage. Results are immediately available to doctors via PACS/Workstation, RAPID Mobile app and email.

“RAPID ICH is the next step in AI-powered imaging technology,” said Dr. Greg Albers, Professor of Neurology at Stanford University, Director of the Stanford Stroke Center and cofounder of iSchemaView. “By providing radiologists, neurologists and other clinicians this level of detection for all types of hemorrhages in such a small window of time, from minutes compared to the current standard of care of more than an hour, will promote better and faster decision making for improved patient care and outcomes. RAPID ICH will be extremely useful to facilitate triage decisions in both primary stroke centers and mobile stroke units.”

Developed by leading stroke experts, RAPID technology has been selected for use in several ground-breaking trials that have changed treatment guidelines issued by both the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. The RAPID Artificial Intelligence framework combines deep learning, machine learning and expert feature extraction. It is the only clinically validated imaging solution for stroke diagnostic support worldwide. This proven platform is being used for more than 350,000 scans per year by thousands of healthcare professionals in over 40 countries.

The Complete RAPID Platform now includes:

  • RAPID CTP: fully-automated perfusion maps; accurately quantifies reduced cerebral blood flow, cerebral blood volume and transit time
  • RAPID MRI: fully-automated diffusion and perfusion maps that quantify brain areas with low ADC values, as well as delayed contrast arrival
  • RAPID CTA: automatically delivers CT angiography maps and identifies brain regions with reduced blood vessel density in 2D and 3D outputs
  • RAPID ASPECTS: automatically identifies areas of early ischemic change on non-contrast CT scans, which predicts irreversible injury
  • RAPID ICH: automatically triages non-contrast CT scans to quickly identify brain hemorrhages with a sensitivity and specificity >90%
  • RAPID Mobile: securely preview RAPID results from multiple sites with customizable notifications on mobile devices

“The innovative technology used in RAPID ICH taps into the latest in artificial intelligence to help clinicians make life saving decisions,” said Don Listwin, CEO of iSchemaView. “RAPID ICH’s highly accurate detection of possible intracranial hemorrhages expands RAPID’s offerings past ischemic events to also include hemorrhagic. In the end, this gives stroke care teams the ability to successfully identify and treat more stroke patients than ever before.”

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