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RapidAI Introduces Technology Partner Program to Bring RapidAI Technology to more Hospital Environments

Leading Medical Technology and Communications Companies Join the RapidAI Technology Partner Program

Menlo Park, Calif. —February 18, 2020 –RapidAI, the worldwide leader in advanced imaging for stroke, today announced the launch of the RapidAI Technology Partner Program, an ecosystem of technologies that complement or integrate with the Rapid platform. In tandem, the company also released a new RapidAI API (Application Programming Interface) to enable technology partners to integrate Rapid results into their products and services.

As part of the mission to deliver the benefits of its products to more patients globally and meet each customer’s unique requirements, RapidAI now partners with companies to bring RapidAI technology to more hospital environments through the RapidAI Technology Partner Program. The program is designed to ensure product compatibility and provide a path for healthcare solution providers to integrate and deliver advanced Rapid results through their products.

The RapidAI Technology Partner Program broadens the availability of RapidAI technology in more settings, including Mobile Stroke Units (MSUs) and the Angio Suite. It also expands access to Rapid results through more healthcare communication platforms, and increases the options for deployment and implementation of the Rapid platform—on premise or in the cloud.

Today, RapidAI is also launching the RapidAI API, which is designed to integrate Rapid notifications and results into a portfolio of workflow and medical communication applications used by healthcare providers to coordinate stroke care for optimal patient outcomes.

The RapidAI Technology Partner Program members include Allm, Ambra Health, Halo Communications, Mobile Heartbeat, Pulsara, Samsung Neurologica, Siemens Healthineers, Spok, and TigerConnect.

“It is great to see so many leaders in medical technology, workflow, and communications commit to bringing RapidAI technology to more hospital environments and help stroke teams achieve better patient outcomes.” said Don Listwin, CEO of RapidAI. “Every hospital is unique, and in a commitment to delivering Rapid their way, this is yet another path to provide more customer choice.”

Partner Quotes

“RapidAI’s technology and Allm’s Join app based communications have become a critical and integrated part of stroke care in the U.S. and around the world. Through the RapidAI Technology Partner Program we are helping improve access to life-saving information and results while also speeding the time to care through better communication.” -- Harry Reddy, President of Allm North America

We are thrilled to be a RapidAI technology partner. We believe that our solutions partnered together can offer clinicians the resources they need to make critical decisions when time is of the essence." -- Andrew Duckworth, VP of Business Development, Ambra Health

“Halo is excited to partner with RapidAI. Halo, together with the Rapid advanced cerebrovascular imaging platform, will help ensure accurate and time-sensitive patient information is communicated to appropriate clinicians. When it comes to treating stroke victims, time is of the essence, and between Halo’s robust clinical communication platform and the RapidAI technology the right teams and individuals can be quickly mobilized to produce better patient outcomes.” -- Angel Mena, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Halo Communications

“We are excited to partner with RapidAI and integrate their advanced neuroimaging platform into the MH-CURE platform via our CURE Connect APIs and the RapidAI API. By leveraging our respective technologies, we can provide a powerful tool to our mutual customers in their drive to save patients afflicted with stroke.” -- Mike Detjen, COO at Mobile Heartbeat

“AI is quickly becoming an integral part of all medical imaging offerings. Here at NeuroLogica our mission is to provide more than just imaging equipment, it's to provide health care solutions. Partnerships with companies like RapidAI are essential in accomplishing that mission.” -- David Webster, COO at Neurologica

“Siemens Healthineers is proud to work together with RapidAI on exciting new innovations in stroke imaging and care. We embrace the power of this partnership to support our One Stop Stroke initiative.” -- Philip Stenner, Global Head of Marketing Interventional Radiology, Siemens Healthineers

“Spok is pleased to be a part of the RapidAI Technology Partner Program. Through our partnership with RapidAI, Spok Go® will automate the delivery of critical stroke results, activating the responsible care team across the hospital network. Together, RapidAI and Spok Go will enable care teams in the 2,200+ hospitals that Spok serves to receive critical results on their preferred devices, improving care team collaboration, expediting time to treatment, and helping drive better patient outcomes.” -- Dave Nuthals, VP Product Strategy, Spok

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