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Texas County Memorial Hospital Goes Live with RapidAI to Enhance Neurovascular Decision Making and Rural Stroke Care

Partnership will enhance the quality of stroke care available to rural communities in southern Missouri

SAN MATEO, Calif. and HOUSTON, Missouri, – October 24, 2023RapidAI, a global leader in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology workflow solutions to combat life-threatening neurovascular, cardiac and vascular diseases, is pleased to announce Texas County Memorial Hospital’s (TCMH) implementation of RapidAI’s core stroke imaging and workflow products – including Rapid ICH, LVO, CTA and CTP – as part of its ongoing commitment to enhancing the quality of stroke care for patients in rural southern Missouri.

As a Level III stroke center in the region, TCMH’s closest Level I facility is over 90 miles away, posing significant barriers to the swift and effective treatment of stroke patients in its community. With RapidAI’s clinical decision support and workflow technology, the TCMH stroke team will now have the ability to analyze high-resolution CT scans in real time, detect suspected intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) and large vessel occlusion (LVO) more effectively, and make faster, more informed treatment or transfer decisions based on advanced clinical intelligence to drive better patient outcomes. 

To support the implementation of RapidAI, TCMH received a grant from the Rural Citizens Access to Telehealth (RCAT) project. RCAT is a partnership between the Missouri Telehealth Network and the Department of Social Services, MO HealthNet Division, with the goals of reducing barriers to care, such as time and distance, and providing patients with access to technologically advanced, consistent and timely care in the state of Missouri. According to the Missouri State Government’s latest Biennial Report on health in rural Missouri:

  • Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in Missouri with a death rate of 37.6 per 100,000. 
  • Rural counties in Missouri have a statistically significantly higher stroke death rate than both the state and urban counties. 
  • The top 10 counties for stroke death rates in Missouri are all rural, with death rates in these counties ranging from 53.0 to 66.6 per 100,000.

“We are incredibly excited to have RapidAI in our hospital and expect it will enhance care delivery significantly and improve outcomes for our stroke patients – expediting our door-to-decision time by saving valuable minutes in assessing and triaging stroke patients,” said Jason Mayberry, the Stroke Coordinator at Texas County Memorial Hospital. “RapidAI will revolutionize how we provide stroke care at TCMH and ensure members of our community have access to the best possible care, regardless of where they live.”

With RapidAI, stroke and trauma teams at TCMH and other rural or spoke hospitals can streamline decision making and expedite patient care. Additionally, hospitals of all sizes with resources and imaging capabilities are provided with more information, context, and support to make challenging clinical decisions earlier, reducing time to treatment, easing the burden of care, and supporting greater equity of care for all patients, no matter where they live. 

“We are thrilled that TCMH is implementing RapidAI for Stroke and are looking forward to seeing the impact our solution will have on the community in the coming months,” said Karim Karti, CEO of RapidAI. “At RapidAI, we are constantly striving to push the boundaries of care, and a major part of that is empowering physicians at hospitals of all sizes or geographic locations with the clinical insights they need to make faster, more accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions.”

To learn more about Rapid for Stroke, please visit: 

About RapidAI

RapidAI is the global leader in using AI to combat life-threatening vascular and neurovascular conditions. Leading the next evolution of clinical decision-making and patient workflow, RapidAI is empowering physicians to make faster decisions for better patient outcomes. Based on intelligence gained from over 10 million scans from more than 2,200 hospitals, and available in over 100 countries, the Rapid® platform transforms care coordination, offering care teams a level of patient visibility never before possible. RapidAI – where AI meets patient care.

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