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SIR Annual Scientific Meeting 2024: March 23–March 28 in Salt Lake City, UT
Stop by and see us at Booth #1500

RapidAI Aneurysm

Comprehensive Aneurysm Management

Rapid Aneurysm is an FDA-cleared imaging platform for cerebral aneurysm management that helps clinicians and hospitals prevent missed diagnoses, and more accurately assess, visualize, and measure growth. With Rapid Aneurysm, clinicians can ensure proper follow up and keep patients in the network.

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Increase aneurysm detection rate

Improve patient care by finding and more accurately measuring aneurysms which may have gone undetected.

Consistently and accurately detect growth

Easily track and manage care with automated measurements, including changes in volume and morphology, and compare scans over time.

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Keep patients in-network

Share results across the network to increase patient volume and keep patients within your network for further imaging, tracking and treatment.

Rapid Aneurysm: Triage and Aneurysm Management

Catch Incidentals
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1. Identify

Analyze CTA head scans across hubs and spokes for suspected unruptured aneurysms

2. Review

Aggregate system-wide aneurysm detection data for review by neurosurgery navigator teams
Manage Aneurysm Patient Care

3. Capture

Capture patient in neurosurgical management

4. Measure

Automatically calculate and record clinically relevant measurements

5. Monitor

Co-register results from follow-up exams for comparisons over time

“A well-validated AI programme [Rapid Aneurysm] that detects cerebral aneurysms is expected to be an asset to radiologists. AI programmes that detect cerebral aneurysms on CTA have been shown to improve radiologists’ sensitivity for the detection of aneurysms.”

Dr. Jeremy Heit, MD
Interventional Neuroradiologist, Stanford University

"Artificial intelligence aneurysm measurement tool [Rapid Aneurysm] finds growth in all aneurysms that ruptured during conservative management."

Daniel H. Sahlein MD
Director of Stroke, Ascension St. Vincent (Indianapolis)

Rapid Research Series

Volumetric AI-driven measurement represents the future of aneurysm management

Rapid Research Series

Imaging platform to visualize and find unruptured brain aneurysms in CTA scans


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