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Rapid Aneurysm

Comprehensive Aneurysm Management

Rapid Aneurysm is an FDA-approved imaging platform for cerebral aneurysm management, helping physicians save time, mitigate risk, improve patient care and increase revenue by automating the process of finding, tracking and proactively treating aneurysms. 

From a patient’s imaging scans, the platform creates a personalized 3D model of the vasculature, highlighting potential aneurysms, and provides tools for accurate measurement and identification of morphological changes.

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Find, Track, and TreatTM

Rapid Aneurysm Automatically:

Highlights potential aneurysms
Calculates and records clinically relevant measurements
Compares multiple patient scans to identify morphological changes



Simulation Services for Medical Device Companies

Our simulation services revolutionize the way endovascular devices are designed and developed. Our computational models provide far more detail than physical testing and dramatically reduce development time.

We also test devices in hundreds of patient anatomies without the patients, creating a “virtual clinical trial.” Our reports comply with all regulatory requirements and are ready for filing. If reducing the cost and time to market is important, put our computational services to work for you.