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Building a System-Wide Stroke Program with AI

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Automatic Identification of ASPECTS Regions and Scores

The first neuroimaging device which has been shown to improve reader diagnosis under the FDA’s CADx classification, Rapid ASPECTS is based on the Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score (ASPECTS). It uses validated machine-learning algorithms to automatically identify regions of the brain and generate scores to help physicians quickly assess patient eligibility for thrombectomy.

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Standardized Results for Predictive Assessment of Patient Eligibility for Thrombectomy

Rapid ASPECTS automatically delivers standardized ASPECTS regions and scores to enable physicians to quickly identify areas of irreversible injury on non-contrast CT (NCCT) scans—helping stroke teams make faster triage-or-transfer decisions.

Rapid ASPECTS Output

Rapid ASPECTS receives CT scan data, tilt corrects images, identifies the ASPECTS regions, and provides an automatically generated measure of early ischemic change on non-contrast CT (NCCT) scans which predicts irreversible injury.

Validated Machine Learning AI

Rapid ASPECTS results are automatically calculated using machine learning algorithms that have been validated in a number of clinical research studies. 


Rapid ASPECTS provides fast, simple viewing features including slice up and down, zoom, and windowing so physicians can evaluate regions of interest. Users also have the option to manually add or subtract regions to adjust the score.


Faster Clinical Decisions for Better Patient Outcomes


ASPECTS automatically delivers a standardized ASPECT score to enable a physician to quickly identify areas of irreversible injury.


Validated through the rigorous FDA process, the use of Rapid ASPECTS automated score, combined with the physician’s review of the scan, improves the accuracy of ASPECT score calculation which is important for less experienced readers.


Within minutes of receipt of an NCCT scan, Rapid ASPECTS delivers results via PACS, email, and the Rapid mobile and web apps to help stroke teams make faster clinical decisions for patients with large vessel occlusions (LVOs)—helping to facilitate better patient outcomes.

The Most Comprehensive Stroke Platform

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“In my opinion, using Rapid ASPECTS increases the likelihood of getting a reliable ASPECT score, independent of the individual skills and experience of the clinician. This tool is therefore particularly suitable for primary stroke centers with a smaller number of cases. Early and reliable information makes it possible to quickly understand the prognosis of a patient."

Dr. Benjamin Friedrich, PD
Attending Physician, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology, Klinikum rechts der Isar, Munich, Germany

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Rapid ASPECTS significantly improves ASPECT scoring by non-neuroradiologists, study shows