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Building a System-Wide Stroke Program with AI

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Rapid CTP

Advanced CT Perfusion Analysis in Minutes

Rapid CTP is the only clinically validated software with an FDA indication to aid in the selection of patients for acute stroke therapy.

Clear. Detailed. Proven.

Informative, Easy-to-Interpret CT Perfusion Maps

Rapid CTP automatically delivers quantified and color-coded CT perfusion maps that help physicians quickly assess salvageable brain tissue—enabling faster clinical decisions that facilitate better patient outcomes.


The mismatch map also identifies areas of hypodensity, indicating areas that may have already been infarcted. Tissue with a Hounsfield Unit (HU) value of -5 to -12 will be displayed on the mismatch map in blue.

HU Multi-Threshold Map

The HU multi-threshold map shows the degree of Hounsfield Unit asymmetry using thresholds that can be user-specified.


The mismatch map provides a comparison between brain regions with substantial reductions in cerebral blood flow (CBF) in pink and regions with significant hypoperfusion in green as reflected by delays in contrast arrival times (Tmax delays).

CBF/Mismatch with MT Indication

The mismatch map can also be configured to show if a patient meets imaging criteria for mechanical thrombectomy.

Tmax Hypoperfusion

This map shows the severity of the delays in contrast arrival times (Tmax), the volume of tissue with delays, and the Hypoperfusion Intensity Ratio (HIR) which is automatically calculated.

CT Image Columns

This map offers a co-registered view of the CT scan with the CT perfusion maps. No thresholds are applied and no volumes are calculated on this map. It provides a comparison between CT findings and the perfusion images.

CT AIF & Motion Plots

The AIF plot displays the location automatically chosen by the software for the arterial input function (AIF) and the venous output function (VOF). The movement plots document how much patient movement occurred during the scan.

CBV Thresholds & Index

Rapid CTP provides cerebral blood volume (CBV) thresholds which include a CBV index.

CBF Thresholds

Rapid CTP provides CBF thresholds which include a 20% “golden hour” threshold often used for patients who arrive at the hospital within 60 minutes of symptom onset.


Advanced Results for Faster Clinical Decisions

In as few as 2 minutes from receipt of a scan, Rapid CTP delivers clear, easy-to-interpret, color-coded CT perfusion maps through PACS, email, and the Rapid mobile and web apps to help stroke teams quickly identify patients suitable for thrombectomy.
Rapid CTP maps identify brain regions with reduced cerebral blood flow, volume, and transit time that exceed pre-specified thresholds correlating to core and penumbra.
Rapid CTP has been used and validated in more than 10 clinical trials including EXTEND, SWIFT-PRIME, DAWN, EXTEND-IA, AND DEFUSE 3.

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"Rapid directly in the angio suite will help our specialists treat the right patients even faster. Having the most advanced RAPID technology available in both the radiology department and the operating theater provides the best options for our doctors and patients"

Jianmin Liu, MD, PhD
Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, and Director, Neurosurgery Center, Changhai Hospital, Shanghai; Vice-Chair, Committee of Experts for Cerebrovascular Diseases of China

"Strokes are a medical emergency, and urgent treatment is essential. However, only about 19% of patients arrive at our hospitals within 4-6 hours after experiencing stroke symptoms. The Rapid technology provides physicians and stroke teams the ability to diagnose more stroke patients by extending the treatment window up to 24 hours. Moving forward our teams will be able to utilize this advanced technology via the Rapid platform to promptly address more cases with the highest efficiency."

Dr. Thang Huy Nguyen
Senior Stroke Consultant and Head of Department of Cerebrovascular Disease, 115 People's Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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