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Building a System-Wide Stroke Program with AI

Join us June 18 for a live webinar presented by Dr. Daniel Gibson.

Rapid NCCT Stroke

Faster Triage & Transfer Decisions Based on CT Imaging

The only, premiere, FDA-approved AI-based medical device that determines suspicion of ICH and LVO based on non-contrast CT (NCCT) imaging. Rapid NCCT Stroke’s triage and notification algorithm is the first of its kind to give integrated suspicion output based on multiple stroke-related indicators, helping physicians make early and time-sensitive stroke workflow decisions with faster notification of suspected ICH or LVO.

Early. Fast. Effective. Pioneering.

Clinically Driven Detection for Better Equity of Care

Rapid NCCT Stroke delivers fast analysis of value-based CT images for accelerated door-to-decision time at centers of all levels of care. And, when compared to that of general radiologists, Rapid NCCT Stroke has demonstrated a 55% increase in sensitivity - aiding clinicians at various facility types in identifying possible ICH or LVO.*

AI Analysis

In less than 3 minutes, Rapid NCCT Stroke analyzes non-contrast CT images and provides triage and notification prioritization of suspected ICH and large vessel occlusion of the ICA and MCA-M1.

Priority Notifications

Clinicians receive priority notifications indicating the suspicion of ICH or LVO. Notifications with images are automatically sent to PACS, email and the Rapid mobile app, streamlining decision-making across hub and spoke hospitals.


Faster Triage & Transfer Decisions to Help Save More Lives

Accelerate door-to-decision time

Rapid NCCT Stroke has been shown to save more than 56 minutes in time to notification – a 95% decrease over standard of care.*  It also helps physicians make early time-sensitive triage and transfers decisions faster by reducing time between CT and CTA imaging.

*Source: FDA filing K222884

Reduce unnecessary transfers

Quickly assess, retain, and treat patients who don’t require transfer. Faster and improved decisions can reduce costly, unnecessary transfers that can disrupt families and extend travel distance. 

Increase access to care

Rapid NCCT Stroke is the only FDA-approved clinical tool for centers of all levels based on CT imaging. Local/regional facilities can now provide greater access to value-based CT imaging technology that may improve decision making and impact patient outcomes.

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