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Clinical AI in Healthcare: Unlocking Value & Driving Innovation

Join us August 8 for a live webinar presented by Dr. Samir Kumar.

Rapid NCCT Stroke Solution

Clinically Driven Deep AI for Better Equity of Care

The RapidAI NCCT Stroke Solution is a powerful suite of non-contrast CT (NCCT) AI modules that goes beyond triage and notification, providing clinical depth and value for faster, more accurate diagnostic decisions earlier in the stroke patient journey. 


Rapid NCCT Stroke

The only, premiere, FDA-approved AI-based medical device that determines suspicion of ICH and LVO based on non-contrast CT (NCCT) imaging.*

*Source: FDA filing K222884

Rapid ICH and Hyperdensity

Rapid ICH and Rapid Hyperdensity use the latest in artificial intelligence technology to quickly triage non-contrast CT (NCCT) cases by immediately notifying clinicians of possible intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) and then providing identified hyperdense regions of the brain.


The first neuroimaging device which has been shown to improve reader diagnosis under the FDA’s CADx classification. Rapid ASPECTS uses validated machine-learning algorithms to automatically identify regions of the brain and generate scores to help physicians quickly assess patient eligibility for thrombectomy.

Rapid Hypodensity

Rapid Hypodensity streamlines the stroke identification process for faster patient care decisions by enabling physicians to quickly assess the presence, extent, and location of ischemia.


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