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Building a System-Wide Stroke Program with AI

Join us June 18 for a live webinar presented by Dr. Daniel Gibson.

RapidAI Advanced Services

The RapidAI Advanced Services team offers value-add enhancements for Rapid Workflow solutions and RapidAI Insights, as well as specialized integration with our partner solutions. These add-on options enable customers to partner with our team of expert technical consultants who work in collaboration with the clinical and IT teams to design and implement customized solutions.

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RapidAI EMR Integration

RapidAI® EMR Integration enables clinical data to securely flow between the hospital EMR system and Rapid Workflow solution. By seamlessly sharing the right data, RapidAI EMR Integration gives care teams improved decision support and confidence that the patient journey and clinical information is properly documented and communicated.


RapidAI Workflow Optimization and Training

Workflow Optimization and Training is a program designed to work with hospitals to help establish customized workflows that enhance stroke and/or PE patient care. The highly specialized team of Stroke-certified Registered Nurses (SCRN) and Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialists (RCIS), assess and customize solutions that maximize efficiencies and reduce time to treatment.


RapidAI Custom Insights

Using RapidAI Insights, the RapidAI Advanced Services team will build customized reports based on your specific needs. This unique-to-you solution can help you improve reimbursement submissions, make better financial decisions, and achieve continuous operational excellence.

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RapidAI Partner Integration

As part of our mission to deliver the benefits of RapidAI to more patients, we partner with technology leaders to bring RapidAI to more hospital environments and provide the flexibility to meet each customer’s unique requirements through our RapidAI Technology Partner Program. With the program, you can seamlessly integrate Rapid technology into your existing infrastructure enabling you to maximize your return on investment in existing third-party solutions and speed time to delivery.

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