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RapidAI Insights

Automated reporting for reaching clinical goals

RapidAI Insights is a valuable solution for multi-site systems and referral networks looking to standardize patient care processes and optimize operational efficiencies that help to reduce costs across sites, while simultaneously improving patient outcomes, and saving more lives.

Reduce costs and improve patient outcomes

Data to Help Hospitals Make
Informed Decisions

Increase usage and improve scan protocols

RapidAI Insights enables hospitals to monitor the usage of the Rapid platform by site and proactively ensure proper and consistent use of Rapid products across sites.

Easier data monitoring and security

RapidAI Insights gives hospital IT and security team members peace of mind on who has access to and is using Rapid products.

Optimize operational efficiency and effectiveness

RapidAI Insights provides health systems with the intelligence to monitor the adoption of Rapid clinical and workflow products, and the impact these products have on care team coordination and time to treatment. 

Improve processes for emergent care

RapidAI Insights helps reduce time spent on manual data abstraction by automatically generating robust reporting that combines operational, clinical, and imaging data. These reports are designed to help optimize processes and reach clinical goals, including exceeding AHA guidelines and meeting other certification requirements. 


Systemwide, executive-level data to help hospitals make better operational and financial decisions

Systemwide reporting is both time-consuming and resource-intensive. Without this level of information, however, detecting trends and identifying outliers is virtually impossible. RapidAI Insights can provide you with the systemwide information you need to make better operational and financial decisions for your hospitals.

Total Scan Volume by Stroke Certification
Mechanical Thrombectomy Treatment Rate by Month
Rapid Products Purchased and Installed by Site
Observed Scan Protocols


Clinical teams spend less time on reporting and more time on patient care

The challenge to continuously improve patient care is ever increasing and the long list of metrics required to track and maintain compliance with protocol standards continues to grow. This makes the collection of the data you need increasingly complex and time consuming—reducing the amount of time you have to spend on patient care. By providing the information you need to identify outliers and trends, RapidAI Insights enables your hospital to improve protocols, monitor and review cases, and implement process improvements, and measure program effectiveness over time.

Treatment Decision by Arrival Mode
EMS Stroke Patient Breakdown
Target Stroke Thrombolytic
Thrombectomy Dashboard
Patient Count by ASPECTS Score


Take the complexity out of IT reporting required to comply with security best practices

As your hospital system and referral network continues to expand, the oversight and security of application usage, along with ensuring mobile and web app users have access to only the case information from sites they’re associated with becomes increasingly complex. RapidAI Insights takes the complexity out of the reporting required to comply with security best practices by giving you the information you need to monitor and audit Rapid Mobile App and Rapid Web App access and usage.

Mobile access matrix
Mobile access matrix

Utilization Report

Utilization Report

This report offers data on Rapid utilization, scan details and demographics, and scan quality.

  • Patient volumes
  • Patient demographics
  • Medicare-eligible patient population for NTAP auditing
  • Scans with thrombectomy imaging criteria met
  • Results breakdown by product
  • Rapid usage over time
  • Scan errors related to site protocols
  • Rapid processing speeds
INSIGHT_Image_Patient Count by ASPECTS Score-Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 7.03.31 PM (1)

Workflow & Communication Report

Workflow & Communication Report

This report provides hospital sites and systems with reporting and analysis of Rapid workflow product usage to measure the impact on time to treatment, identify trends in workflow and optimize user engagement of Rapid Workflow for both Stroke and PE.

  • Easily export all data from the Rapid Mobile App and Web App for further analysis
  • Conveniently view, track and analyze operational efficiency data, such as time to notification, time to ‘GO’ and more
  • Monitor Rapid Mobile App and Web App usage among individual users or across sites, including utilization over time, average time from scan to notification, and more
Workflow and Comm Report

User Access Report

User Access Report

Designed to help hospitals support best practices in security, monitoring and compliance auditing, this report provides IT teams with information on Rapid Mobile App and Rapid Web App access and usage.

  • Rapid Mobile App and Rapid Web App users by site
  • Rapid Mobile App and Rapid Web App usernames, emails, and phone by site
  • Total number of logins by user
  • Account activation and last login dates
  • View and filter out deactivated accounts
  • View user permissions in detail
Insights User Access report image

Patient Journey & Outcomes Report

Patient Journey & Outcomes Report

This report offers customers a detailed view into the patient journey and clinical outcomes to help them drive stroke protocol improvements. 

  • Monitor stroke program key performance indicators 
  • Assess prehospital efficiency 
  • Track patient journey timeline and treatment decisions for patients treated with thrombolytics and/or a mechanical thrombectomy 
  • Analyze functional outcomes and disposition at discharge with data

Executive Report

Executive Report

This report offers an information-rich summary of site-specific information across systems for those looking to monitor the RapidAI system adoption, analyze stroke care, optimize operational efficiencies, improve consistency of care, reduce stroke-related costs, and drive better clinical outcomes.

  • Monitor RapidAI system adoption
  • Manage site operational efficiency
  • Evaluate treatment time improvements
  • Measure impact on main drivers of cost
  • Track endovascular procedures

RapidAI Custom Insights

RapidAI Custom Insights

In addition to the reports described above, our Professional Services team is capable of delivering customized reports to satisfy the variety of specific analytics needs your hospital or health system may have.

Learn more how RapidAI Custom Insights can work for you RapidAI Custom Insights.

"As an Interventional Neuroradiologist for a large system, I understand the tremendous value in seeing stroke imaging metrics across patients and our dozens of hospitals in multiple states.  Analytics coming out of RapidAI Insights help us better understand the opportunities and challenges, which greatly benefit our patients, from the timeliness of care to informing how we handle transfer decisions. In parallel, it also helps our administrators better understand our work from a business perspective."

Daniel P. Gibson, MD, and Director
Neurointerventional Surgery