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Advanced Training, Advanced Learning

Rapid U is an advanced training and certification program for RapidAI™ products, as well as a clinical learning resource for your entire stroke care team. It enables users to apply RapidAI technology effectively to positively impact patient outcomes and to expand their knowledge of stroke, aneurysm and other cerebrovascular conditions.

Tailored for your needs

Role-Based Learning Paths

Rapid U provides the training and education each stroke team member needs to use RapidAI products successfully and understand their impact on clinical decision-making and workflows through a selection of role-based learning paths.

Users can access training and educational resources via a mobile-friendly Learning Management System with content ranging from clinical and product training to broader stroke education topics. User experience is enhanced by our 24/7 support service.


Rapid U learning paths include:

  • RapidAI for Physicians
  • RapidAI for Stroke Coordinators
  • RapidAI for Nurses
  • RapidAI for CT Technologists
  • RapidAI for MRI Technologists
  • RapidAI for IT
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Each learning path contains:

  • Self-paced online training to build confidence with RapidAI products (includes RapidAI certification)
  • Virtual instructor-led training sessions delivered by physicians and other clinical experts
  • Performance-support content for Continuing Education (CE) credits, case studies, publications and quick reference guides

”As the availability of advanced stroke imaging continues to expand, it is vital for hospitals to have skilled individuals on their stroke care teams. All aspects of the Rapid U program were developed by RapidAI clinical and technology experts, so it is unique in that stroke teams will be able to learn advanced imaging from the experts.”

Dr. Greg Albers
Professor of Neurology at Stanford University, Director of the Stanford Stroke Center, Co-founder and Scientific Lead of RapidAI
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