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Building a System-Wide Stroke Program with AI

Join us June 18 for a live webinar presented by Dr. Daniel Gibson.

Empowering Healthcare Teams
with Deep AI

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RapidAI innovations are focused on patient equity-of-care and delivering clinical support data within minutes. Speed up your triage decision making and facilitate better patient outcomes

Enhance Decision-Making Speed
  • 98.1% sensitivity / 99.7% specificity for ICH and 97% sensitivity / 96% specificity for LVO
  • Only Rapid delivers clinical depth with Hyperdensity, Hypodensity, CTA, ASPECTS and Aneurysm, along with EMR integration for clinical context
Accelerate Patient Transfers
  • 60% reduction in door-in-door-out (DIDO) (Our Lady of the Lake)
  • 52 minutes saved for door-to-decision (DTD) (Shawnee Mission)
Deliver Optimal Patient Care
  • Address the needs of stroke patients at any hospital type, from non-contrast CT through perfusion imaging
  • Richer clinical and contextual data arrives fast for more informed decision-making
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Extended Care Teams

Whether on the go with a mobile device or via a web browser on a desktop or laptop, stroke team members can align and initiate workflow prior to patient arrival, preview images and Rapid results, and securely communicate throughout the patient care journey.

Streamline Care Coordination
  • Get images, results and patient data at your fingertips anywhere, at anytime
  • HIPAA-compliant communication enables faster alignment and team activation
Align and Activate Teams Faster, More Easily
  • The Rapid Mobile App gives instant notifications to care teams no matter where they are
  • Initiate workflow prior to patient arrival, preview results and communicate securely
Access Workflow and Training Resources to Optimize Team Performance
  • 49% reduction in door-to-needle with dramatic improvements throughout the stroke workflow (Broward Health Medical Center)
  • 60% reduction in door-in-door-out (DIDO) (Our Lady of the Lake)
  • 52 minutes saved for door-to-decision (DTD) (Shawnee Mission)
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It’s no secret hospitals are faced with extreme financial and operational stress. RapidAI solutions help improve throughput, reduce length of stay and equip your teams with trustworthy, reliable tools to improve lives.

Expand Your Network and Reduce Patient Leakage
  • Connect hubs and spokes to build your referral network
  • Capture more procedural volume
Select and Treat the Right Patients More Quickly
  • 92% reduction in unnecessary patient transfers (Shawnee Mission)
  • 400% growth in intervention services (LifeBridge Health)
Save Time, Avoid Costs, and Improve Work-Life Balance
  • Automate data abstraction to redirect staff to more strategic, less manual tasks
  • Streamline care coordination and reduce notification fatigue with higher levels of accuracy

How RapidAI Does It

Only intuitive AI tools with profound clinical depth can make a real impact. Unlike other tools on the market today, RapidAI’s advanced clinical decision support software goes far beyond simple triage and notification to provide the specific, relevant and contextual data with an unrivaled degree of accuracy.

Not All AI is Created equal

Clinical Depth Matters
Basic triage
Flags problems

for attention

Simple AI Solutions

multiple disease states

Mobile Communications

of Information


management decisions

Characterize, localize & compare

over time

Rapid: Deep AI
Goes deeper

into disease & patient management

mobile Optimized

with full patient picture & information



hospitals trust Rapid to continuously improve patient care and efficiency.
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million scans

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Used in 18 of the top 20 hospitals

*US News & World Report

Discover the RapidAI difference.