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Video: Volumetric AI-driven measurement represents the future of aneurysm management
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AI-enabled aneurysm measurement tool to calculate the volume and surface area of unruptured intracranial aneurysms

"Volumetric AI-driven measurement clearly represents the future of aneurysm management. The paper highlights the power of this extraordinary tool and what it might mean...
RapidAI Editorial Team | October 10, 2022
RapidAI Editorial Team | April 26, 2023

Neuroprotectant ApTOLL reduced death and disability in acute ischemic stroke patients

ApTOLL, a neuroprotective agent, has shown promising results in the APRIL 1b/2a trial and reduced death and disability when used alongside standard...
RapidAI Editorial Team | March 24, 2023

Intracranial hemorrhage management with Rapid software

Rapid ICH 3.0 and Rapid Hyperdensity represent the best-in-class hemorrhagic solutions supporting clinicians managing intracranial hemorrhage (both...
RapidAI Editorial Team | March 6, 2023

Safety and efficacy of tenecteplase treatment in wake-up stroke patients screened using non-contrast CT

Based on current evidence, treatment with intravenous alteplase is recommended for patients with DWI-FLAIR mismatch or perfusion mismatch on CT or...
RapidAI Editorial Team | January 26, 2023

Mediators of successful reperfusion effect in ischemic stroke patients

Pivotal trials helped establish the role of endovascular thrombectomy (EVT) treatment for selected ischemic stroke patients with large vessel...