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    Rapid Mobile App 3.3

    What’s New In This Release

    Quick notification of stroke teams for critical procedures


    The Rapid Mobile App’s new “Go” feature allows clinicians to easily and swiftly activate a stroke team when treatment for a critical case has been decided.

    The “Go” feature includes:

    • Fast notification and messaging to team members with unique notification sound for prioritization
    • Real-time tracking of “Go” message views by stroke team members
    • A “Procedure Done” indicator let’s team members know when the procedure is completed

    This feature requires activation of in-app communications. Please contact Support.

    Easier communication between team members


    The latest version of the Rapid Mobile App includes new features that help streamline communications.

    • Unread messages are now clearly indicated on the patient list screen, making it less likely for users to miss critical patient information
    • New clinical data fields have been added, allowing users to easily communicate more information about a patient's status, including COVID-19 status

    LVO detection is not commercially available in the U.S.

    Convenient notification management


    A new on-off switch allows users to instantly turn mobile app notifications off, when they're not on call, and back on again without having to go into the app's settings.

    LVO detection is not commercially available in the U.S.

    Enhanced source file navigation


    Improvements to the Rapid Mobile App's non-diagnostic DICOM viewer allow users to view individual scan images more easily. 

    LVO detection is not commercially available in the U.S.

    Need support?

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