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RapidAI EMR Integration

Patient data integration to help drive faster treatment decisions, streamline documentation and reporting

RapidAI® EMR Integration enables clinical data to securely flow between the hospital EMR system and the Rapid Workflow solution. By seamlessly sharing the right data, RapidAI EMR Integration gives care teams improved decision support and confidence that the patient journey and clinical information is properly documented and communicated.

The Benefits of RapidAI EMR Integration

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RapidAI EMR Integration with Rapid Workflow

Maintain data integrity

Teams have confidence they have access to the single source of truth for patient data to help drive faster treatment decisions and ease documentation.

Increase team efficiency and save time

With RapidAI EMR Integration, care teams have the data they need at their fingertips, enabling them to spend more time on patient care and less time on data entry.

Streamline Reporting

RapidAI EMR Integration can enable more robust reporting capabilities by sharing reliable and consistent patient treatment and outcomes data. With this integration, hospital administrators can more easily generate and share important reporting to assess and optimize processes for better patient care and outcomes.

"RapidAI allowed us to streamline communication in real time and automate data capture. Within minutes, our team has access to the patient’s EMR alongside imaging results, which enables faster treatment decisions."

Parkview Health Neurosciences Team

RapidAI EMR Integration Implementation:
Fast, Simple, Straightforward

Minimizing hospital IT time, RapidAI Professional Services expertly manages and executes the integration of your EMR system with Rapid Workflow

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Seamless Integration
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24/7 Post-Live Ongoing Expert Support
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RapidAI EMR Integration Features* Include:


Synchronized patient creation in Rapid apps and EMR upon admission to optimize workflow


Upon patient discharge, teams can more efficiently complete reporting with the confidence they have real-time access to the single source of truth for patient data


Automated data transfers along the patient journey to avoid double documentation and maintain data integrity


Configurable integration based on the highest technology standards (HL7/ FHIR) and compatible with most EMR systems and hospital specifications

*Not all features currently available for sale.