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Going to ASNR? Learn how to choose the right AI partner.

Join us May 22 at 7:30 AM for Dr Jonathan Clemente's Clinical Session.

AT ASNR see the most impactful AI solution

Catch one of these informative and interactive sessions to learn more about deep, clinical AI

Monday, May 20:

Innovation Theatre 

When:  12:15pm – 12:30pm 

Location: Innovation Room on Show Floor | Theater 2 (Palace Ballroom II/III Foyer)

ASNR/Industry Collaborative Session 

When: 1pm - 2pm

Location: Emperors II

Be Sure to Make Your Way to Booth 513

Stop by to learn about the latest and greatest innovations built to help you and your care teams maximize the potential of AI by going beyond the algorithm.

ASNR 2024 Show Floor Map April 2024



Let's Connect!

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