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Distal Thrombectomy

Wednesday Webinar Series - 1pm-2pm EDT / 6pm-7pm CEST

Top physicians have come together to present the exciting Distal Thrombectomy Wednesday Webinar Series, presented by RapidAI and Rapid Medical. Join us bi-weekly to discuss the most sought-after information and up-to-date data available. Save your seat today—space is limited. 

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Rapid Medical

Session 1 - Distal Occlusion Properties

Wednesday, Sept 16

Topics & Speakers
Rishi Gupta, MD, WellStar Health System, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Introduction of Distal Thrombectomy Webinar Series
Rishi Gupta, MD, WellStar Health System, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
What is a DVO? Definitions, frequency, and epidemiology Clot composition of distal occlusions
David Liebeskind, MD, UCLA Health, Los Angeles, California, USA
What is a DVO? Tissue at risk and clinical consequences Distal posterior vs. anterior circulations
David Liebeskind, MD, UCLA Health, Los Angeles, California, USA
The use of Artificial Intelligence to help screen for potential distal occlusions, CTA, CTP
Ameer Hassan, DO, Valley Baptist Medical Center, Harlingen, Texas, USA
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Session 2 - Measurement and Trial Design

Wednesday, Sept 30

Topics & Speakers
Kyriakos Lobotesis, MD, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK
Clinical trial design: time window and imaging criteria for patient selection
Jeff Saver, MD, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
Defining efficacy parameters of distal thrombectomy (grading systems and scales)
Jens Fiehler, MD, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany
Challenges in measuring efficacy (rehab experience)
Samir Belagaje, MD, Emory University Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Session 3 - Imaging and Treatment Considerations

Wednesday, Oct 14

Topics & Speakers
Markus Holtmannspötter, MD, South Nuremberg Hospital, Nuremberg, Germany
Distal image pattern recognition and selection/Automatic distal vessel occlusion detection - AJNR paper accepted and to be published on this topic
Shalini Amukotuwa, MD, Monash Health, Melbourne, Australia
Distal MT criteria/ How pattern selection impacts outcomes and Novel imaging techniques (7 Tesla MRI, Wavelet CT, AI)
Jeremy Heit, MD, Stanford Health Care, Stanford, California, USA
Identify criteria for clot busting drug vs. DMVO MT New clinical trials and impact of IV-tPA and thrombolytics
David Fiorella, MD, Stony Brook Neuroscience Institute, Stony Brook, New York, USA
Safety and efficacy of IAT after incomplete LVO mechanical thrombectomy
Urs Fischer, MD, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland
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Session 4 - Clinical Workflow

Wednesday, Oct 28 | 1PM EDT / 6PM CEST

Topics & Speakers
Sebastian Fischer, MD, University Hospital Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum, Germany
Patient journey from spoke hospital to distal MT treatment—what does workflow look like now
Nima Aghaebrahim, MD, Baptist Medical Center, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Patient assessment—checkpoints for triage or transfer for MT and future of distal MT workflow impact
Pascal Jabbour, MD, Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Direct to Angio—implications for distal occlusions: post-tpa clot migration in patient transfer and direct-to-angio without vessel imaging
Ashutosh Jadhav, MD, Barrow Brain and Spine, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Role of novel devices (future impact) vs. current tools (MT now)
Rene Chapot, MD, Alfried Krupp Krankenhaus, Essen, Germany
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