Rapid for Prehospital

One Team—Delivering Faster Time to Treatment through Coordinated Care

When every second counts, it's imperative EMS providers and hospital teams are working together as one team. Antiquated technology and disparate communications and workflow can create obstacles to patient routing, treatment decisions and team alignment all of which result in adding critical minutes to getting patients where they need to be.

Connecting the Team

The Rapid prehospital solution enables EMS providers to work in conjunction with regional care teams to get stroke patients to the best care as fast as possible.

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The Rapid Prehospital Solution Can Help EMS:

  • Route stroke patients to the appropriate hospital
  • Quickly align with the care team
  • Establish and follow a standardized stroke protocol
  • Share critical patient data with hospitals in real time
  • Connect with experts to determine optimal routing
  • Get feedback on patient outcomes
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Improving Patient Outcomes

Because the Rapid solution enables EMS teams to use a standardized workflow to seamlessly communicate and share consistent patient data, the hospital care team can have confidence in the patient assessment and be ready at the door. Using the Rapid prehospital solution, the receiving hospital has the information it needs to align the team prior to arrival and get the patient directly to treatment faster — improving patient outcomes.

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Closing the Loop

As a closed-loop system, the Rapid prehospital solution enables physicians to share feedback on patient results back to the responder team, providing greater insight and input to help optimize processes — and giving the EMS team the recognition it deserves for making the best decisions for patients’ care.

And as part of the Rapid product suite, RapidAI Insights also offers customized reporting to help standardize stroke care processes and optimize operational efficiencies. By combining stroke operational, clinical and imaging performance data, RapidAI Insights delivers deep insights on patient care decisions, performance metrics, treatment effectiveness, and the usage of the Rapid imaging platform to help quickly diagnose and treat patients, enabling hospitals to improve stroke workflow, processes, intervention and patient outcomes.


Continuous Innovation

We’re committed to making “one team” a reality for EMS providers and hospital care teams. And to make this happen, we will quickly evolve our prehospital solution beyond stroke to include STEMI and trauma. Stay tuned for more to come.

The Rapid End-to-End Solution for Acute Care

1 EMS Input
Prehospital Routing - work as one team to get patients where they need to be
2 ER Triage VV_Clinical_Info
ER Triage - capture and share critical patient data in real time to align the team
4 LVO_iPhone
AI-Imaging Diagnostics - get clinical decision support in the palm of your hand
5 workflow GO
Team Communications & Workflow Activation - streamline communication and coordinate care for faster treatment decisions
6 post case review
Post-Case Feedback - view operational, treatment and outcome data to help optimize processes
1 EMS Input 2 ER Triage VV_Clinical_Info 4 LVO_iPhone 5 workflow GO 6 post case review
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